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Video of the Week: "In Perfect Winnipeg" by Jon Paul Fiorentino from Needs Improvement

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Nostalgic, evocative and just a little weird — if you've ever been homesick, you'll want to check out this video for Jon Paul Fiorentino's poem "In Perfect Winnipeg" from Needs Improvement (Coach House Books).

Needs Improvement is the Montreal poet's brand new collection and the video is directed by Maryanna Hardy.

The poem has been transformed into a song for the video by Rob Benvie and Jon Paul and is performed by Clara Legault and Rob.


In ill Nauset I messaged you
in old Montreal I invoked you
in dead Winnipeg I owned you
I am wrong again

You should heed the words
of your last, last manager
(whatever those were)

In dreary Vancouver I exorcised you
in ruddy Brooklyn I remade you
in perfect Winnipeg I rewrote you
I am wrong again

(Footage of 1960s and 1970s Winnipeg from the Gartner family archives appears courtesy of Kert Gartner.)