Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Dalt-Tang Is For The Children

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For the last month I've felt just like my creative inspiration ODB did, having to run a much needed intervention up in this mofo. Before there was Kanye, Taylor Swifting stuff up, there was Big Baby Jesus. I work out of the tradition of the late Osirus, so thank you for letting me share with you some of my views From Another Kitchen, on what Canlit means, if anything, to my particular group of hypenated Canadians who might be less rooted to Canadiana cliches and/or dull, uninteresting prose. It's 2009, not 2009 A.D. What more else can I say to end this lovely relationship I developed with mi open book familia over the past 30 days. The relationship I've developed with you, my readers, has been a symbiotic one, us both giving pieces of ourselves like a hip hop Ashley Madison client - minus the registration fee and sleaze. It's been a blast getting to share some of my innermost thoughts (and rhymes) with you. Truly. So, don't be a stranger. I will be spending my next 30 days digesting some titles from Dr. Althea Prince that I'd put on pause while a' bloggin'. Her latest title "Politics of Black Women's Hair" is very hip hop in its attitude, real talk coming from a respected Tdot-based sexagenarian scribe, digging deep into the ages old issues surrounding the tresses of my nubian queens. Long Live Open Book Toronto (and ODB)...