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Graphic Novel (on TV) Month: The book vs. the film, part 1

Inspired by my conversation with Merril Collection librarian Lorna Toolis, I started thinking about how a shift from book into film can change the subtext of a graphic novel. I’m thinking generally here of how comics occupy a middle ground between books and film – more explicitly visual than a text-based book but less so than a movie. As such, a graphic novel as format exists in this liminal, outsider space that is often reiterated by the content: misfits, rebels, masked marauders, loners, and freaks.

Writers on TV survey: Evan Munday

Happy Tuesday! Author and illustrator Evan Munday answers our Writers on TV survey, in which I ask Toronto authors, editors, agents and others to tell us a bit about their personal reading and viewing habits.

Name: Evan Munday

Recent work: The Dead Kid Detective Agency book series, the third of which, Loyalist to a Fault, will be in stores this September.

Writers on TV feature interview: Rupinder Gill

One of the best things about this writer-in-residence gig is using it as an excuse to interview smart people who are doing interesting things somehow related to books and TV. This week's feature interviewee is writer Rupinder Gill, who I wanted to talk to about the difference between writing for TV and books.

Writers on TV survey: Kathryn Mockler

As part of our Books and TV theme, I invited Toronto authors, editors, agents and others to tell us a bit about their personal reading and viewing habits. First up, poet, screenwriter and The Rusty Toque editor Kathryn Mockler.

Name: Kathryn Mockler

Recent work: The Purpose Pitch (Mansfield Press, 2015),
Personal website:

Confessions of a TV addict

I'll just say/ I started watching Frazier/ I'll just say/ Every single episode
-David McGimpsey,
Asbestos Heights

It started in grad school. I had moved from Brooklyn to sleepy, manicured London, Ontario to study 16 hours a day for 12 months. From the outside my life looked pretty good. My book of poems came out that fall, the same fall I wrote 17 papers in 13 weeks. There was a short and well-organized publisher tour, but to be honest, I don't remember much about it except that I paid so dearly for the time off when I returned to classes.

Television as the New Novel

One late afternoon many summers ago, I found myself on a sunny balcony with a bunch of writers. Naturally we were talking about television. When one of us admitted she hadn't seen The Wire, I jumped in with the kind of enthusiasm that comes with being two beers in on a sunny balcony after a long winter of mainlining all five seasons of The Wire. "Blah blah Idris Elba blah blah Omar. It's a layer cake of society, with an arc like a symphony, written to completion before it was aired," I crowed. "It's the Great American Novel!"

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