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Review of Two Hemispheres by Nadine McInnis in Re:verse

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Review of Two Hemispheres by Nadine McInnis in Re:verse

Two Hemispheres by Nadine McInnis was recently reviewed in Re:verse by Amy Carlberg, “an easily distracted seventeen-year-old girl from a very distracting and noisy city called Toronto who loves poetry very much.” If Carlberg is easily distracted, it doesn’t show in this focused and thoughtful review. From the review:

The collection of poems is thematic and insightful, allowing readers a glimpse into McInnis’ past experiences and thoughts on insanity through her clean chop speech. It is by no means a light-hearted read but these poems, scattered with rhetorical questions and deep, hard-hitting metaphors will surely cause an examination of one’s own psyche along with McInnis’.

Read the rest of the review at Re:verse, a bilingual e-zine from, a poetry site for Canadian youths from The League of Canadian Poets.

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