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Queen of the Sweat Hogs: Into the Seminal World of Macabre, Booger-Nosed, Mini Comic Mistress Herself (and Hell's Personal Sketch Artist), Miss Vicki Nerino

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Vicki Nerino

by Nathaniel G. Moore

"You can totally tell me to do this over. I'm just an a**hole who just likes to make stupid jokes is all." — Vicki Nerino

This transcript is an attempt at an article based on 72 minutes of emailing Vicki Nerino (not in a row, but over a series of hours in late April) for the purposes of promoting her for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF), even though they already made a kick-ass Vimeo video that 5000 people have seen and love and man oh man, why do people love graphic artists so much? I'm not jealous I'm just wondering where it all went wrong for the common Microsoft Word artist.

One-hundred-and-sixty-five words in and I'm already full of regret: I should have called this jackass article "Miss Vicki"!

Come on now Nathaniel, (I write to myself) let's gain composure and not turn into one of Nerino's demented inky fantasies with grotesque potential, subordinated hope and traumatic world perspectives.

Vicki Nerino has been gaining ample notoriety within her band of creative goblins and even transversing into other outlets, such as drawing art for skateboards, doing band CD sleeve art and even lending her talents for a family member's fledgling candle company start up.

Vicki is an acquaintance of mine; I think we have hung out twice, and she is a real nice little brat. I like her persona, her blog voice and her art and I think that people enjoy working with her as she is frequently being asked to do things. Things I've just mentioned.

Some of my male compatriots will repeat themselves bi-weekly, telling me with provocative facial gestures and manic enthusiasm how they really dig young women who make art. These clowns say things like, "Oh Billy, I totally have a huge art crush on that Jennifer chick, I love her art, man, she's so boss," and I say, "My name isn't Billy, and you are a total stalker."

I can't crush out on Vicki Nerino for many reasons; mainly though, because she is so disgusting, or rather, her art is. Art crushes don't exist. This is 2011. It's called stalking!

But for real, I do not have an art crush on Vicki Nerino, but I'm sure she is a bit hit in some prisons. Also, there is no point for me to have one on her, as she is clearly reading this. And I think she may be related to me. We are sort of cousins. Seriously. It's true.

But man, she has pretty silly hair! I remember once at a zine fair someone beside her made fun of her hair after I mentioned that it was quite something (messy, and looks like someone drew it badly). Her friend was a bit afraid of sitting next to Vicki's hair all day.

Vicki seemed proud of her friend's partial disgust. I heard that she's on a drug called Vicki Nerino. "I sent you some book covers in those links, so those would be the names! And here is a full list of the minicomics i'll have at TCAF, if that is at all useful to you," Nerino fires off from her Blackberry.

inanimate objects having awkward conversations
when gordon met petunia
sock puppets and stool pigeons
bacon and eggs
dirty down by the bay
ted bear in bare season
ted bear in condom capers
ted bear in date grapes

Thanks, I write Vicki. As I scan the list of mini comics, I can't help but believe it's been written out like a wish list for a completely insane child from South-Western Brampton at Christmas-time. But after heavy fact checking, those are in fact the titles of her mini books, so print this out and come a knockin'!

She works at a non-art job in downtown Toronto a lot and has to work on her depraved art when she's not working there. She does this at night, and according to Twitter, has at least once fallen asleep looking at comics or her sketches, and according to her blog, drinks what seems to be a disgusting amount of store bought soup.

Nerino wrote this about herself:

I heard about some chick the other day. She makes weird comics about animal mating habits and boobies and awkward dates and stuff like that. I heard she was going to be at TCAF this year selling 'em while shooing little kids away from her table simultaneously. I also heard that she really loves watching people read her comics for the first time, because they make super awesome faces of fear and shock and shame and a whole lot of disgust. I'm not sure if it's true, 'cause I mean, that's just what I heard. I forget her name though.

As for being a part of any discussions that would involve reading fees or other perks, Nerino is humbled. "I'm not on any panels, I'm not that cool," she emails, (shemales?) continuing, "but the thing I'm really looking forward to at TCAF is meeting new comics people and seeing all of the amazing comics pals I already have."

As for her community of artists in Toronto, Nerino says it is very encouraging and full of warmth. "Really, if it weren't for the amazing community, I probably wouldn't love making comics so much if I couldn't trade mine for the super awesome comics of my peers. FREE COMICS, pretty much."

TCAF unleashes itself in the Toronto Public Library May 7 and 8, 2011. It's free to the public.

Nathaniel G. Moore is a 30-something Toronto-based Microsoft Word artist who enjoys Penguins and cilantro. For various reasons, he and Vicki Nerino will not be seen together at TCAF but they may be in cahoots to cure the common book trailer. Follow him on Twitter @NathanielGMoore but do not follow @VickiNerino because she has more followers and is very crass. His website is

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