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Poetry Link: Dani Couture's Poetry Fortune Teller

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Poetry Link: Dani Couture's Poetry Fortune Teller

Do you remember the carefully-folded, handmade fortune tellers from your childhood? Under each flap lay a different, extreme fate: "You will be rich and famous," "You will live a hundred years," "You will have 20 children" and so on. Dani Couture – author of Good Meat and the forthcoming collection Sweet (Pedlar Press) – has put a poetic spin on the Fortune Teller. She's created three Poetry Fortune Tellers for National Poetry Month and asks you to "Let the poets guide your next move."

Print the first Fortune Teller, Mortiz, Robertson, Rogers, & Wright, today. The second will be on her site on April 7th and the third on April 21st.

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