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Invitation to the Scream UnFestival: The Do-it-Yourself LitFest

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Scream LitFest

From our friends at The Scream Literary Festival:

Poor decision making has been an important part of The Scream’s programming philosophy since its inception (case-in-point: we named it “The Scream”), so this year we invite you to carry on this spirit without us. Introducing The Scream unFestival, a chance for us tired Scream organizers to watch you do all the heavy lifting by organizing a Scream event of your own. We're only organizing two more shows — an opener and the Mainstage — but we invite you to fill in the empty dates with an event of your choosing. It could be a reading, a workshop, a new lit series, an homage to the festival, a remounting of your favourite event, a critique of our lousy programming and lack of sound literary values, a protest against our elitist corporatism or whatever comes to mind.

There are no restrictions, only caveats:

  • The Scream cannot fund your readers or your event. You’re on your own.
  • The Scream cannot provide staff, volunteers or organizational assistance. Feel free to approach Screamers independently if you’d like.
  • You don't need Bill’s permission to organize something. You just need to ask him for the login for this page (at ). Once you get it, feel free to pencil (or type) yourself in. Feel free to hold your event in secret if you want to wipe off our establishment stink!
  • We will try to promote your event as we can, but no promises. This page will serve as its own promotion. Use The Scream in your event title if you think it'll juice your attendance. It's never worked for us, but there's always a first time!
  • Please try to avoid our two nights — Thursday July 7th and Monday, July 11th. Consider it a favour to us.
  • Having said that, be emotionally prepared for conflicts. There's been early interest in the concept, so free nights between July 4th and 10th may be at a premium. Conflicts aren't the worst thing, however, a thousand flowers blooming and all that. As well — there's nothing preventing you from scheduling your event outside of Scream week (perhaps other than a lack of good sense, and we've already covered that)
  • Don't compromise — do something that you care about. If I've learned anything doing the Scream it's how surprisingly difficult it is to pursue things that matter in literature. Pleasing too many people is the surest path to mediocrity. Do something awesome instead.

Click here to view events that have already been scheduled, or email Bill at for login information to list your event.

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