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iDeology Concert a Huge Success!

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By Kayleigh Wilson on behalf of iDeology*

On Friday, March 27, iDeology teacher Brian Adduono and students held a concert to promote the iDeology program. From 7-10 p.m. the cafeteria of Barrie North Collegiate was transformed into an auditorium, with the help of the school's communications technology students. Excitement began to mount as people arrived at the concert, dubbed "Mr. Adduono and Friends."

Student Danielle Smith was the Emcee for the evening. She noted that ticket sales for the L3 Writer's Conference (occurring April 7 and 8) were available and that proceeds went towards not just the iDeology program, but also to the school's Arts Council and Specialist High Skills Major in Broadcasting (SHSM). Then it was time for the concert to begin. As the lights dimmed, the crowd cheered with uncontained enthusiasm. Mr. Adduono kicked off the night with a song about first love, and present love, entitled "Maybe I Am." Screens had been set up on the stage, so that the people in the back could see what was going on. Throughout the night, iDeology students — visible by their matching blue iDeology shirts — took pictures to commemorate the event.

The songs soon became more upbeat, with "Soldier's Hole" being played — a carefree song that pokes fun at life and accepts the idea of death. "Spinning Brain" and "You" followed. During these songs, music students from Barrie North Collegiate showed their support by joining in on the bass, keyboard and drums. This visibly thrilled the crowd, as many young children could be seen dancing on their parents' laps.

The songs began to grow more sombre, with "Broken," about the economic downturn and its prominence in the news. We were happy to have Sarah Hoedlmoser, an iDeology student from last year, join in on the violin with this song, showing her dedication to the continuation of the program.

The first half of the concert wrapped up with a jazz improvisation, featuring Greg Hardy on flute, Mr. Adduono on drums, music teacher Mr. Rothenburg scatting and music student Nathan Price on bass guitar. It was a heart-pounding conclusion to the first act, and received a lot of enthusiasm from the crowd. During intermission, the audience talked excitedly amongst themselves. Food and beverages were sold, with the proceeds going to the school's Arts Council.

Half an hour later, the second act was ready to commence. The audience was not disappointed, with "Blown Away" starting the second half. "Hope" followed, with Mr. Pethick (another music teacher) and his wife on clarinet and flute, respectively. These instruments added sensitivity to an already touching song about how time goes on, and this song became another crowd favourite. The sensitivity continued in "Little Lewis," a heart-wrenching song about Mr. Adduono's son that was separated from him. Not a dry eye was left in the crowd, as lyrics such as "I love you / Every little thing that you do / I love you / More than my own life" permeated the air. The mood began to pick up in the following songs, with "My Island" being written about a March Break vacation that never happened. Principal Mr. Samis, and teachers Mr. Roy and Mr. Ritchie joined in with Mr. Adduono on bass guitar, harmonica, and keyboard. The four of them joked afterwards that they had only had one rehearsal before their performance.

Of course, no truly memorable night would be complete without some sort of problem arising, and ours came in the form of a brief power outage close to the end of the concert. Though initially surprised, the performers continued to sing and play their instruments, to the amusement and delight of the crowd. Fortunately, the power came back on in time for the grand finale, "Sing a Song of Canada." This was a song written in 1999 by staff member Mrs. C. Mills. She was inspired to write it during a brief teaching stint in Australia, where she saw Aussies show their pride through singing patriotic songs, and wondered why the same patriotism was not present in Canadian schools. The song caught on with the audience quickly, with everybody joining in during the chorus. The song accomplished its goal to increase feelings of patriotism for Canada, and received a standing ovation from the audience!

At the end of the night, iDeology students helped to tidy up, many still humming songs from the concert. Receiving about $850.00 to split up between iDeology, Arts Council, and the SHSM, the concert was a phenomenal success.

TICKETS AND INFORMATION: For more information on the L3 Writers' Conference, please contact Brian Adduono at Barrie North: 705.726.6541

*About the iDeology Program at Barrie North Collegiate

Open Book is thrilled to host the iDeology Progam's student blog. iDeology is a unique package of three Grade 12 high school courses rolled into one: English, Writers’ Craft and Philosophy. The Program focuses on personal growth through reading, creative writing, exploring ideas and exciting class projects. The L3 Writers’ Conference is perhaps the biggest project; iDeology students organise and run Ontario’s largest high school literary event, featuring workshops, readings, contests and presentations. Each year over twenty authors present to more than 300 students and the evening events, open to the general public, draw close to 500 people each night! Past participants include Alistair MacLeod, Nino Ricci, Eleanor Wachtel, Joy Kogawa, Jay Ingram, Erika Ritter and dozens more. iDeology students also produce a professional magazine, perform a Poetry Slam, write and produce plays and short films, host a concert and much more. iDeology is associated with UPC – Laurentian University at Georgian in Barrie (patron professor – Dr. Bruce Meyer). Students get guest lectures from university profs and attend university lectures on campus. Students also get interesting field trips to other universities, Stratford Festival, CBC, CTV, Much Music and performances. International travel saw students go to New York City and soon London & Edinburgh. In addition to blogging on, iDeology participates in the “Aristotle” online essay competition – and won it in 2008! iDeology is a unique and exciting way for students to prepare for university and perhaps “find themselves” along the way. The Program is taught by Brian Adduono at Barrie North Collegiate in Barrie, Ontario.

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