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Featured Children’s Book: Bugs Up Close by Diane Swanson

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Featured Children’s Book: Bugs Up Close by Diane Swanson

Bugs Up Close
by Diane Swanson, illustrated by Paul Davidson
Kids Can Press, 2007
ages 7 to 10
hardcover $18.95
paperback $8.95

We live on a bug planet. Not only are insects the most numerous species on Earth, they've survived for 400 million years and show no signs of slowing down. Take a look outside: little creatures are creeping, jumping and flying everywhere.

Did someone say little?

Not in this book. In these eye-popping, oversized pages, bugs say cheese big time! Through Paul Davidson's powerful camera lens, see a fly the size of a man's shoe, the 30000-odd lenses in a dragonfly's eyes, the hair on a bee's legs and much more. Bug-loving science writer Diane Swanson delivers fascinating info about buggy lives, buggy eating and lots of buggy bits, such as antennae, wings and weapons, that help make insects the most widespread animals on Earth.

Did you know?

  • Some insects molt more than 50 times, shedding their exoskeletons as they grow.
  • A grasshopper can travel a distance 15 times its body length in one leap.
  • Some small flies flap their wings 1000 times a second.
  • Many insects smell with their antennae, and some taste with their feet.
  • A single egg laid by some species of wasps may produce up to 1000 new wasps.

Visit the Kids Can Press website to read an interview with Diane Swanson.

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