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BTL's Dose of No-Nonsense: Serving #3

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BTL's Dose of No-Nonsense: Serving #3

A Dose of No-Nonsense is a regular sampling from the No-Nonsense Guides published by Between The Lines. Courtesy of Paula Brill from BTL.

Often criticized as greedy and vulgar, today’s global food sys­tem was created in the last months of World War Two as part of an ennobling vision to create a new world of abundance and peace.

Claude Wickard, Roosevelt’s Secretary of agriculture from 1940 to 1945, said in 1941 that ‘food will win the war and write the peace’…‘Recommended Daily Allowances’ and ‘for­tified foods,’ standard on food packages to this day, came early during the war, part of an effort to keep people ‘strong and healthy’ so they could stay ‘strong and free.’

No-Nonsense Guide to World Food • September 2008 • 184 pages • ISBN 978-1-897071-44-1 • $16.00

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