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Book Lovers Ball Interview Series, with Scott Carter

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Scott Carter

As we count down the days to one of the hottest literary events of the year, the Book Lover's Ball, we are getting the inside scoop from several of the gala's guest authors.

Today we speak with Scott Carter, the author of Barrett Fuller's Secret (Dundurn), which tells the story of a beloved children's author who writes under a pseudonym in order to hide his rakish, womanising lifestyle. A crisis emerges when the author receives a blackmail note challenging him to live by the moral his books espouse.

Scott tells us about who amongst his fellow authors he'd most like to sit beside, and his experiences with the library system — the Book Lover's Ball is a fundraiser for the Toronto Public Library. The February 6 event will gather more than fifty of the country's finest authors with bibliophile philanthropists to support one of the busiest urban library systems in North America.

Stay tuned for more interviews with guest authors from the Book Lover's Ball!

Open Book:

This year the Book Lovers Ball features entertainment that brings books to life on stage. Tell us a bit about your most recent book.

Scott Carter:

Barrett Fuller’s Secret is the story of a world-famous children’s author who writes under a pseudonym because he lives an unsavory life. His world is rocked when he receives a series of extortion letters demanding that he live up to the morals he espouses or be outed to the public as the heavy-drinking womanizer that he is.


What will you be wearing to the gala?


I’ll be styled by Paul V. Noble.


This event raises funds for the Toronto Public Library system, one of the busiest urban library systems in the world. What do you see as a library's role in the city? What has your own experience of libraries been like?


A library’s role is to provide access to ideas and information. I grew up in the Beaches and my mother took me to libraries on a regular basis. Getting my own library card was a big deal to me. It meant I had a say and I loved that. I attended reading programs, children’s author readings and puppet shows at local libraries as a kid, and now that I’m a father my daughter goes to the Riverdale library regularly. I’m grateful for the many opportunities that our city’s library system provides.


One of the unique things about the Book Lovers Ball is how it allows avid readers to meet some of their favourite writers. With what Canadian writer, living or dead, would you most like to sit at dinner? What might you ask him or her?


I love storytellers so I’d enjoy sitting down with any writer but at this moment, I’ll go with Yann Martel. I just read Life of Pi again and I have a lot of questions I’d love to discuss.

Scott Carter is an author and screenwriter. His first short film debuted at the Exploding Cinema Film Festival in Los Angeles. Since then his films have played in festivals across North America and his script The Unspoken Promise was written for Bravo! Television. His first novel was the critically acclaimed Blind Luck. Carter is a Toronto native who still lives in the city.

For more information about Barrett Fuller's Secret please visit the Dundurn website.

Buy this book at your local independent bookstore or online at Chapters/Indigo or Amazon.

For more information about the Book Lover's Ball, please visit their website.

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