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The Philosophy of As If

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The Philosophy of As If by Fraser Sutherland

BookLand, 2010

From the publisher:

The Philosophy of As If concerns "fictions," ideas that may not correspond directly with reality but help us to interact with reality better. Fiction writers often say that they tell a higher truth, but poets like to pretend that what they write is sincere, direct truth-telling. However, poems are also fictions and deal with what might be. Poets behave "as if" the world matches their models. Fraser Sutherland's poems play on this tension between desire and disillusion, between actuality and fantasy. The real yields what might be: the actual becomes the imaginary. In this book, the poet's motto is: "I would like a different mind, a different body, a different life. Is that too much to ask?" The book fleshes out this wish in two sections, "Beggars Would Ride" and "If Wishes Were Horses." The third, "And All Shall Be Redeemed," deals with the ultimate fiction: images and consequences of the afterlife.

The Philosophy of As If is Sutherland's ninth poetry collection — and his most profound.