Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Guernica Writers Series

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Guernica Editions

Guernica Writers Series, pick any one. The publisher of Guernica Editions, has for a quarter century supported dialogue between Canadian francophones, allophones and anglophones, translating back and forth and bringing writers from diverse cultural backgrounds to our attention. This has been a huge and often difficult task. In the same spirit of commonality, he has introduced his Writers Series, essays on the life and works of Canadian writers. The small format and affordable resource books, ideal for students, include biography, criticism and bibliography, everything we need to know. Each book is edited by an individual familiar with the terrain and has a unique voice. In the handful that I have edited, my objective has been ensure vitality by blending insightful memoirs with academic criticism.

Visit the Guernica website for a list of books in the Writers Series.