Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Featured Poetry: Sky Atlas by Alan R. Wilson

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Featured Poetry: Sky Atlas by Alan R. Wilson

Fitzhenry & Whiteside

The Fitzhenry & Whiteside Poetry Launch is on May 1 at 7:30 at Bar italia. Head to the launch to celebrate the publication of Sky Atlas by Alan R. Wilson and the Day in Moss by Eric Miller. Click here for event details.

About Sky Atlas:There is something in the contours of the sonnet, that siren of poetic forms, which can shape the imagination. Sky Atlas, based on the 88 constellations, is itself a sequence of 88 sonnets: some are traditional and others, like the prose sonnet and the hypersonnet, are more subversive, yet still maintain a strong attachment to a poetic terrain.

The heavens are seasonal, and so is the atlas, with 22 constellations in each of the spring, summer, fall, and winter sections. A walk under the stars, whatever the season, can leave you breathless and wondering. Reading Sky Atlas will do the same.

Alan R. Wilson was born in New Brunswick, and now lives in Victoria, British Columbia. He has degrees in Physics and Creative Writing, and is the author of two previous books of poetry: Animate Objects and Counting to 100. His novel, Before the Flood, was shortlisted for the Ethyl Wilson Prize for Fiction and the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour, and won the 2000 Books in Canada/Chapters First Novel Award. He is currently editing his next novel, Lucifer’s Hair, is attempting to keep up with his three-year-old daughter, and still looks through the astronomical telescope he bought in high school.

From the catalogue. Read more about Sky Atlas at the Fitzhenry & Whiteside website.