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Featured Non-Fiction: Reclaiming Reluctant Writers

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Featured Non-Fiction: Reclaiming Reluctant Writers

Pembroke Publishers, September 2007

Reclaiming Reluctant Writers (Pembroke Publishers) is a vaulable resource for teachers and parents alike. It outlines a wealth of new ways to encourage students to face their fears and master the essential traits of good writing. Practical and insightful, the book features a number of classroom-tested activities that take students from isolated skills to a deep and rich understanding of the form and function of language. The focus is on inspiring young writers to view writing not as a chore, but as a purposeful, pleasurable, and satisfying experience. With all the tools you need to create an environment that celebrates personal meaning making and nourishes students as valued members of a writing community.

Kellie Buis is a grade one teacher in the Delta School District (B.C.), and also works as a consultant for early literacy with a specialty in teaching writing. She consults with school districts across Canada and the United States