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Featured Non-Fiction: Practical Dreamers by Mike Hoolboom

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Featured Non-Fiction: Practical Dreamers by Mike Hoolboom

Coach House Books, 2008

What if there were movies made the same way as suits, custom fitted, each one tailored for one person? Not theatres around the world showing the same pictures, but instead a movie just for you, a movie so particular, so peculiar, it could cure night blindness or vertigo?

Welcome to the world of fringe movies, where artists have been busy putting queer shoulders to the wheels, or bending light to talk about First Nations rights (and making it funny, to boot), or demonstrating how a personality can be taken apart and put together, all during a ten-minute movie which might take years to make.

In Practical Dreamers, twenty-seven artists dish about how they get it done and why it matters. The conversations are personal, up close and jargon free, smart without smarting. The stellar cast includes visionary Peter Mettler; Middle East specialist Jayce Salloum; queer Asian avatars Richard Fung, Midi Onodera, Ho Tam and Wayne Yung; footage recyclers Aleesa Cohene and Jubal Brown; overhead projector king Daniel Barrow; First Nations vets Kent Monkman and Shelley Niro; international art presence Paulette Phillips; documentarian Donigan Cumming; and smartbomb Steve Reinke. These in-depth talks come in an oversize volume, illustrated with stills from the artists’ work.

Mike Hoolboom is a film and video artist. He is the author of two books: Plague Years and Inside the Pleasure Dome: Fringe Film in Canada. He is a founding member of the Pleasure Dome screening collective and has worked as the artistic director of the Images Festival and as the experimental film coordinator for the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre. The winner of more than thirty international prizes, he has exhibited his work at the Museum of Modern Art, the Centre Georges Pompidou and major world festivals.

From the catalogue. Read more about Practical Dreamers at the Coach House Books website.