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Featured Children's Book: Smart-opedia: The Amazing Book About Everything

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Featured Children's Book: Smart-opedia: The Amazing Book About Everything

Maple Tree Press, Fall 2007

Smart-opedia: The Amazing Book About Everything (Maple Tree Press, 2007) is filled with fun illustrations and interesting facts. The book is divided into nine sub-sections: Astronomy, The earth, Plants, Animals, The human body, History, Today’s world, The arts, and Science and Technology. It’s a great book for curious kids ages 8 to 12. The Calgary Herald predicts Smart-opedia “will become an essential go-to book, whether it’s for homework assignments or just plain wonderin’ about the world.”

About Smart-opedia:
If our world is full of questions, then this book has the answers! Smart-opedia: The Amazing Book About Everything is about… well… everything! From life under the sea to the art of the Renaissance, from your five senses and human rights to life in Ancient Egypt, readers can expect to be fascinated at each turn of the page. With subjects so inviting and accessible, kids can open at any page that catches their attention, and become virtuosos in all manner of things.

Richly illustrated in a wide variety of exceptional graphic styles and with hundreds of beautiful photographs, this comprehensive text delivers stimulating and educational information as never before. Four main sections (Amazing World!, Live it up!, Then and Now!, and Genius at Work!) are separated into nine detailed chapters (Astronomy, Planet Earth, Plants, Animals, The Human Body, History, The Arts, Science and Technology, and Today’s World), which are then divided into more than 85 entertaining and thought-provoking subjects.

Smart-opedia: The Amazing Book About Everything is designed so that reading information is an absorbing adventure and an exceptional treat for the eyes. Each thematic section contains visually dynamic spreads with dramatic illustrations, photographs, and maps.

From ancient mythology to modern technology and everything in between, this rich, lively, and clearly organized world-in-a-book is aimed at the kids of today. It will entertain them with answers to questions they might not even have known they had, and help them decipher the world around them, stay abreast of current events, and form an opinion on important issues. It is also an excellent reference text for homework assignments and school projects.

This book gives readers an extraordinary and eye-opening broad basis of general knowledge, and helps them become true citizens of the world. Guaranteed to dazzle, educate, amaze, and amuse, Smart-opedia will become a well-loved and well-worn addition to home, school, and public libraries.