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Featured Children's Book: Science on the Loose by Helaine Becker

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Featured Children's Book: Science on the Loose by Helaine Becker

Maple Tree Press, 2008

Parents, teachers, librarians, even kids themselves, are asking for science activity books. Bursting with hands-on science in areas often left unexplored in other science books for kids, and complemented with jaw-dropping information about the science of our world at large, Science on the Loose offers a unique and fresh perspective guaranteed to be a hit for all parties.

Infused with Helaine Becker's trademark wit and irrepressible energy, Science on the Loose encourages young readers to release their inner scientist, and think, do, and learn—in the most entertaining way possible. Each experiment—whether it’s to test density in fruit, determine dominant genes, or make slimy goo—follows accepted scientific procedure. Kids, teachers, and parents alike will delight in this highly original collection of scientific discovery.

Easy-to-follow experiments can be safely performed without special equipment or unusual ingredients, and make for satisfyingly simple adventures in the surprises of science. From fooling our senses, to discovering whether Jello can have brain waves, to creating ice cream by kicking around a can, Science on the Loose breaks free of run-of-the-mill science activity books, and feeds into kids’ natural curiosity and interest in the world around them.

Each experiment features a "What’s Going On?" component that explains the science behind the results in a clear and concise way. So even when an experiment just feels like silly fun, readers are learning about chemistry, climate change, genes, the senses, photosynthesis, scientific method—even Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Along the way they'll also be discovering intriguing "Scientists on the Loose" and their wacky — but always real — experiments, all done in the name of science. Yes, there are real scientists studying belly button lint and pickles that glow in the dark. And let's not forget those that are researching cookie-eating robots, what kinds of cheese may cause nightmares and whether fear smells.

In addition to a regular subject index at the back, a helpful listing outlines all the scientific principles covered in the book — an indispensable tool for teachers, and a mark of a "serious" science book for parents.

Appealingly cool and delightfully witty, Claudia Dávila's artwork strikes the perfect note alongside Helaine's text. A winning combination that has something for everyone, Science on the Loose will convince even the most reluctant young scientist that science is really fun and surprising.

From the catalogue. Read more about Science on the Loose and Helaine Becker at the Maple Tree Press website.