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Fresh & Local. The Open Book Foundation celebrates and profiles Toronto and Ontario's non-stop literary scene, with a special focus on the books and events produced by Ontario's independent, Canadian-owned publishers. Open Book is committed to showcasing the outstanding range and quality of contemporary Canadian writing and invites readers from Canada and around the world to connect with Ontario's vibrant book culture.

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Please note that Open Book does not run book reviews, and that our author interview schedule books several months in advance.

Please do not send unsolicited physical review copies, ARCs or other materials.

Open Book does not release author contact information. We are not able to put you in contact with authors who have appeared on the site.


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When sending event listings, please include the name, date and time for your event with a brief description.
Please also include the venue/location for the event with a full address including postal code.
In order to be listed, event information must be sent a minimum of one week prior to your event.

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We thank all freelance writers and editors for their interest. At this time, Open Book is not accepting pitches from freelancers. Please check this space in the future for calls for submissions.


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